SN: Trade Teixeira? For what? To whom?

Sporting News has an article in the 6.30.08 issue on Mark Teixeira and his future in baseball. It doesn't sound great for Braves fans, but the picture that accompanied the article was so dang cute, I had to share. :)

The following quote is the most interesting from the story (in my opinion) -- if you're inclined to read more, the full text is here.

The Braves, though, must focus on Teixeira's free agency. It's an enormous issue, one that has ramifications throughout baseball. Both the Mets and the Yankees have an option on their big-dollar first basemen (Carlos Delgado and Jason Giambi), and neither team is expected to pick it up. They could push the bidding for Teixeira past $20 million per year. Even with his struggles this year, Teixeira figures to get top dollar. And as Braves third baseman Chipper Jones said this spring, "I doubt we'll be able to offer top dollar."

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