“Peter Moylan” is not the same as “Chipper Jones”

Check out this super-cute story about a dad getting Pete's autograph on his kid's glove. Make sure you click on the pics for much, much larger versions! I miss Pete. :)

Some fun Google Searches from this past week, in bold...

  • brian mccann so cute
    • totally!

  • when is joey devine getting married
    • *heh heh* Probably not for a while.

  • which atlanta braves player was married in november, the same wedding date as manager bobby cox.
    • Geez, who knows?

  • hairy guy stache
    • ewwwww, hahahaha

  • can yunel escobar speak english
    • I think so.

  • michael gonzalez of the braves married
    • Mike is not married.

  • peter moylan + mandy
    • Hey, who's this "Mandy"?
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