Off-Season Workouts

Let's see what some of Braves Love's favorites have been up to...

Braves | Moylan slims down
Sun, 13 Jan 2008 18:47:25 -0800's Mark Bowman reports Atlanta Braves RP Peter Moylan has slimmed down over the winter through a biking and swimming regimen he's been performing in his native Australia.

NICE. I can tell he's...

Sorry, but I can't get the image of a swimmy Moylan out of my head... :D

Braves | McCann adds muscle; now working on flexibility
Sun, 13 Jan 2008 18:39:47 -0800's Mark Bowman reports Atlanta Braves C Brian McCann added muscle over the winter through a weightlifting regimen and is two weeks into a Yoga program intended to improve his flexibility.

Yoga. Really?

Oh, this helps:

"I just can't imagine Brian McCann in a yoga outfit," McCann's good friend, Jeff Francoeur, playfully said. "Sleeping in tights for an hour doesn't count as yoga."

Moving along...

Teix's knee seems to be healing on-schedule, according to trillions of articles (so it seems).

Pete Orr won't be playing for Team Canada in the Beijing Olympics.

So long, Devy. You were cute.

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