FanFest ’08

My Grammy always told me that if I don't have anything nice to say, then I shouldn't say anything at all. I don't always take her advice (and I know I should), but I will try to hold my tongue on this subject. I do not have many positive comments on FanFest, so I'll just share some of the pictures I took and leave it at that.

For those of you who have considered going to FanFest and have never been, do yourself a favor and wait until it's held at Turner Field again. The previous years at the Ted have been awazingly awesome. This year was basically just a giant vendor expo with hours-long lines for "Braves Personalities" autograph sessions. (A friend waited in line for three hours and ended up with Zach Schreiber, whoever that is. She did see Peter Moylan, but very fleetingly and had no way of speaking to him.)

Pics after the jump:

The train ride in

Exterior of the Georgia World Congress Center

This is when we knew we were in trouble... Sign outside the room where we picked up tickets

Before we went downstairs to the actual floor, there was a window overlooking the whole floor where you could fill your eyes of the whole scene.

View to the right (autograph stages)

View of the center (mostly vendors, stage in the far back)

View to the left (trillions of vendors)

Jersey & hat lockers:

Moylan & McCann

Diaz & Soriano

Murph cutout!

Atlanta Crackers commemorative giant ball

Incredibly sucky. Sorry, gang, I wasn't in charge. :)

ETA: Here is the Braves' official site's account of the day, including pictures.

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