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From the November 2007 Chop Talk:

Once the Braves were officially eliminated from playoff contention, Jeff Francoeur began planning his part of his Nov. 3 wedding festivities, beginning with a bachelor party/golf weekend at a home in Charleston, SC, Oct. 5-8. "There will be about 12 guys on the trip," said Francoeur. The guest list for the Charleston trip included teammates and long-time friends Brian McCann and Clint Sammons, both of whom will serve as groomsmen in the nuptials.

Francoeur was also in charge of planning the honeymoon for he and his bride, Catie McCoy. "We're going to the Four Seasons in Mexico, and then we'll spend 11 days at the Atlantis resort," he said. The couple's rehearsal dinner was held at Turner Field's 755 Club, and in another touch of Atlanta, a pre-wedding family dinner was catered by the Varsity, an Atlanta landmark known for their chili dogs, onion rings, and frosted orange drinks!

In other news, Kelly Johnson and Lauren Thacker are reported to marry in January 2008.

I do find it strange that they mentioned Frenchy's wedding on Nov. 3 and immediately followed with news of Kelly's wedding in January, and no word on Baby's wedding exactly a month between. Hmmmm...

Maybe he realized that being smacked on the left ring finger TWICE last year was a sign? ;)

9:30pm, ETA:

A reader emailed me with the wedding registry information for each of the boys mentioned above. No places of ceremony are mentioned -- if they were, I wouldn't post the links, obviously. I'm not encouraging stalking. But if you go to, say, and search for "Jeffrey Francoeur", "Brian McCann", and/or "Kelly Johnson", you can see confirmation of wedding dates and what the kids are asking for...

SHUT UP. I may have been browsing the registries, and noticed that Catie picked out my favorite china pattern ever. Seriously, guys, I saw this in my Macy's last summer and it literally took my breath away. You can't even tell how beautiful it is from the picture... Oh! I don't know if I can snark on her now.

9:58pm, ETAA:

Okay, this is kinda fun to see what the girls have picked out. Except for the china.


Jeff and Brian have chosen the same china pattern, in the same color?

That's too bizarre, even for them.

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