Another torn UCL

(torn ACL not pictured)

(torn ACL not pictured)

I've had some injury-prone fave Braves in the past (hi Moylo) but I can't even process this, y'all.

Disclosure: I have not read most of these articles. I can't right now. Just putting them here in case any of you want to read them or I decide to read them later. Venters has torn UCL, faces third Tommy John surgery Venters will need 3rd TJ surgery if he hopes to pitch again

Hey Jonny, I have two UCLs. You can have my left one if you want it. 

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How did we miss this?

2014-08-25 10_25_24-Kimbrel has high praise for Reds closer Chapman _
Initially I clicked a link on Twitter to read an article titled, "Kimbrel has high praise for Reds closer Chapman" (which is a good read if you like pitching), and that picture was in the sidebar and it cracked me up. I hardly ever read the AJC anymore so I'm sorry I missed that photo. It's great, mostly because I can't tell if he's being serious or sarcastic.


I haven't forgotten about the gameday posts from the A's series. I'll get the pics up soon.

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Welcome back, EO!

USATSI photo

USATSI photo


Of course I'm going to Friday's and Saturday's games. Duh.

EO Day

EO Day with Susan

Susan was gracious enough to share a ticket with me for Friday, and Saturday Kolbi and I will be celebrating her birthday while she wears her husband's EO shirt in a section of the stadium where I've never sat: by the visitor's bullpen. I'm so used to the right field view that this will be weird! But hey, it's her birthday. (And we get sweatshirt blankets!)

Unfortunately, Kimmie and his guns are not included in the package deal.

Carroll Rogers of the AJC posted an interview with EO last Saturday. You can read the full text here (it's behind the pay wall but that link should work), and it's really very nice. He seems happy, and that's what's the most important.

I sent that link to a few friends, and I thought you might find their real-time reactions amusing. The fans miss him more than I anticipated!

EO reaction
Hopefully he'll get to pitch on Friday when I have a closer view of home plate. Saturday he can just stay in the bullpen and give the field his Blue Steel look all night!

I should totally be a baseball manager. ;)

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